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Callings: Daystar Rosalie Jones - “Making Spirit Visible” Through Native Modern Dance

“You are never going to do anything original until it comes from who you are.”

During National Native American Heritage Month, the HERsay Podcast is shining a spotlight on a trailblazing woman who, for over 40 years, has been sharing the stories and spirit of Indigenous people in a most unique way - through modern dance. Daystar Rosalie Jones is the founder and Artistic Director of Daystar Contemporary Dance Drama of Indian-America, recognized as the first native modern dance company in the United States.

Daystar was born on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana, and in 2021 is celebrating 41 years of the Daystar Dance Company “Making Spirit Visible”. She is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, author, and winner of the first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award from the Institute of American Indian Arts.

Learn more and purchase tickets to the gala performance of Daystar Contemporary Dance-Drama of Indian America’s Stories from Turtle Island in Rochester, NY from December 3-5.

Song: Borough by Blue Dot Sessions


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