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How To Turn Your Side Project Into Your Full-Time Job

The HERsayPodcast's She Succeeded (and You Can Too) series was born when the she-cession showed us that when life forces us to change our daily routines, we begin to think about how invested we really were in those routines in the first place and whether based on our renewed priorities and shifted circumstances, it may be time to start that business that’s been simmering on our mind’s back burner.

Have you ever watched a morning show, talk show, or your favorite podcast and wondered how people become guests to speak about their area of expertise? What exactly quantifies an “expert” and how do you become one? How do you get booked as a guest, and when can you quit your job to become a media expert full time?

Damona Hoffman is a dating and relationship expert and an on-air personality who was a guest on our February HERsay Today series episode about the challenges college students are facing in the absence of an IRL dating scene during the pandemic. Damona is a certified relationship expert, host of the podcast Dates & Mates with Damona Hoffman, and contributor to TV, radio, print, and digital media including the Drew Barrymore Show, CNN, NPR, the LA Times, and many more. Her advice for college students was, I felt, sensible, compassionate, and designed to leave listeners feeling confident and empowered in scenarios that can often leave us feeling anything but. Her advice was intuitive - it’s not like she was quoting textbooks from a psychology Ph.D. curriculum - but her ability to listen to the problem, thoughtfully consider solutions, and in an articulate, assured manner provide advice for people unable to find clarity through the fog of insecurities that dating brings up - solidified her credibility and trustworthiness as a success in this narrow field, IMHO.

In my own life, I can’t begin to count the number of friends and family who have shared relationship and dating advice with me before (and when!) I met my husband. None of them are experts or guests on media programs, but…could they be? This episode is not meant specifically to teach us about becoming a relationship expert but, instead, how can we turn something that brings us joy, something we are passionate about, into a business to serve people? How do we translate our passion into a book, podcast, articles, social media, guest appearances, and products that generate a business?

If you’ve asked yourself these same questions, you’ll enjoy listening to Damona’s story of how she reached the level of success she enjoys today, and her advice for others thinking about pursuing a similar path. Damona says she welcomes questions and comments from listeners, so be sure to contact her through her website or on Instagram and Twitter at @DamonaHoffman. And share your feedback on the episode with us in the comments below!


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