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SPECIAL - Mom Allyship: No More Silos

"We're just like you"

Moms of Black, Brown, Muslim, LGBTQ+, and Autistic Children Tell Us What Their Kids Need and How We Can All Help Each Other To Unite and Thrive

In our HERsay Today series, we talk with groups of women about a topic impacting women uniquely today and discuss solutions that can help move us forward together.

In this Mom Allyship special, we’re talking with moms of children who are often victims of “otherness” discrimination. Moms share what weighs heaviest on their minds, their fears, and hopes for their children, what they’re teaching their children in order to move more safely in the world, and how other moms can help make the world a safer and more unified place so that all of our children can thrive together. Starting points for each interview are: Moms of children with Autism - 2:22

Moms of Muslim children - 34:02

Moms of LGBTQ+ children - 1:25:44

Moms of Black and Brown children - 1:46:18

Guests include Rachel Rosner, Autism Up; Uzma Jafri and Zaiba Hasan, Mommying While Muslim podcast; Liz Dyer, Mama Bears, and Serendipitydodah; and Cheli English-Figaro, Mocha Moms.

Song: Borough by Blue Dot Sessions


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