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Need This Now: HSP x Barnes & Noble October Book Picks

This one is for our book lovers! Each month, the HERsay Podcast partners with Barnes & Noble Booksellers to assemble a list of books we think women will love, informed by what’s happening in our lives and in the world right now.

Our lists feature empowered and empowering women characters, women authors sharing unique stories, and books to help us get things done, help us be our best selves, and inspire the happiness we all deserve.

In this episode, we’re sharing Caroline’s fun and SPOOKY conversation with Barnes & Noble’s Kasia Zubrzycki about our October selections, featuring spine-tingling fiction, literary fantasy, Halloween crafts, decor, and even trivia to share with kids. Be sure to listen ALL the way to the end to get the clue you need to enter our book giveaway at the end of the month!

Song: Borough by Blue Dot Sessions


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