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HSP x Barnes & Noble

Hello HERsay Podcast book lovers! Greetings from Syracuse, NY! 

We know what's on the minds of women, and each month we're sharing the books we think women will LOVE. We partner with expert Barnes & Noble booksellers who scour their bookshelves for new releases and favorite titles by female authors, stories featuring female characters you'll love (or love to hate!), books that inspire us, teach us something new, or resources to help us face the challenges that uniquely arise for women each month. Throughout this year, we're roadtripping around New York State to meet and talk with women about what's happening in their lives, minds, and hearts. For our May HSP x BN Book Picks episode we traveled to the Barnes & Noble store in Dewitt - just outside of Syracuse - to talk about this month's selections with BN teammates Lauren Youngs and Liz Loftus who researched and selected our May picks!


Check out our picks below, order online (links provided) or - better yet! - stop into your closest Barnes & Noble store to experience IRL that incomparable smell of Starbucks + books and perusing book covers that we just can't get from shopping the 'net.


Proceeds from books purchased here this month will be donated to Alliance of Moms, supporting young mothers in the foster care system. Listen to Caroline's conversation with Barnes & Noble's Lauren Youngs and Liz Loftus, and visit us on Instagram to share your comments, suggestions, or to just say "hi". Happy reading!



Set amid Colorado’s wild beauty, a heartbreaking coming-of-age story of a resilient young woman whose life is changed forever by one chance encounter. A tragic and uplifting novel of love and loss, family and survival—and hope—for readers of Great Circle, The Four Winds, and Where the Crawdads Sing.

"Seventeen-year-old Victoria Nash runs the household on her family’s peach farm in the small ranch town of Iola, Colorado—the sole surviving female in a family of troubled men. Wilson Moon is a young drifter with a mysterious past, displaced from his tribal land and determined to live as he chooses.

Victoria encounters Wil by chance on a street corner, a meeting that profoundly alters both of their young lives, unknowingly igniting as much passion as danger. When tragedy strikes, Victoria leaves the only life she has ever known. She flees into the surrounding mountains where she struggles to survive in the wilderness with no clear notion of what her future will bring.


As the seasons change, she also charts the changes in herself, finding in the beautiful but harsh landscape the meaning and strength to move forward and rebuild all that she has lost, even as the Gunnison River threatens to submerge her homeland—its ranches, farms, and the beloved peach orchard that has been in her family for generations. 

Inspired by true events surrounding the destruction of the town of Iola in the 1960s, Go as a River is a story of deeply held love in the face of hardship and loss, but also of finding courage, resilience, friendship, and, finally, home—where least expected. This stunning debut explores what it means to lead your life as if it were a river—gathering and flowing, finding a way forward even when a river is dammed."

This Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition contains a reading group guide, an original essay, and a Q&A with the author.



"A Compassionate and Practical Guide to Reimagining the Home of Your Dreams

In Love Your Home Again, Ann Lightfoot and Kate Pawlowski—organizing experts and the mother-daughter duo behind Done & Done Home—ask questions that take into account who you are and how you actually live to help resolve the issues behind the excess and create lasting solutions to keep your home running smoothly. Sharing their tried-and-true systems of decluttering, organizing, and maintaining, along with real client stories, Lightfoot and Pawlowski teach you how to manage your home with their signature "good humor and refreshing lack of dogma" (the New York Times). Inside you'll find: 

  • Gentle guidance on things like handling sentimental items, embracing quality over quantity, and cutting down on waste 

  • Helpful tips for making your daily life easier, from meal-prepping to creating routines 

  • Organization methods for every room, small space strategies, and so much more 

You'll be amazed at the time, money, and energy you'll save—all better spent enjoying your space. Get ready to love your home again.

Perfect for: 

  • New homeowners 

  • Parents who want to declutter, boomers who want to downsize and/or stage a space 

  • HGTV fans who could watch home makeover shows for hours 

  • Young adults and millennials who love organizing"




A great gift for college students and their parents, anyone new to the area, or even for lifelong residents in need of a refresher of all there is to love about Syracuse!

"In a state bookended by world-famous attractions—New York City to the southeast, Niagara Falls due west—Syracuse is often overlooked. It shouldn't be. At the state's geographic core, Central New York's largest city is the bullseye of the Empire State. In 100 Things to Do in Syracuse Before You Die, you'll get the inside scoop on the places, faces, and spaces that make this area distinctive, memorable, and welcoming throughout the year.


Learn how Syracuse earned its nicknames Salt City and Snow City. Sample local specialties like chicken riggies and the six-pound frittata. Celebrate the arts and ethnic culture at seasonal festivals around town. Follow the historic Underground Railroad and the Erie Canal. At the eighth biggest mall in America, race a go-kart, climb the world's largest indoor suspended ropes course, wander a mirror maze, or solve an escape-room puzzle. Enter the gates of the Great New York State Fair, the East Coast's biggest end-of-summer blast, where food, music, and the thrills of the midway attract 1.3 million attendees annually. Syracuse-based writer Linda Lowen—a former radio and TV producer and talk-show host—shares 25 years of media-insider knowledge, highlighting longtime favorites and revealing unexpected discoveries. Described in detail, these finds will entertain both visitors and longtime Central New York residents."


Personal Finance


Here's the financial acumen you didn't get in school. This covers the basics of saving and investing along with a deep dive into the societal issues that could be standing in your way and how to strategize to lessen their financial impact.

"From the globally-recognized personal finance educator and social media star behind Her First $100K, an inclusive guide to all things money—from managing debt to investing and voting with your dollars.

Investigating the financial literacy and wealth gap, Tori Dunlap found that girls are significantly less likely to receive a holistic financial education; we’re taught to restrain our spending, while boys are taught about investing and rewarded for pursuing wealth. In adulthood, women are hounded by the unfounded stereotype of the frivolous spenders whose lattes are to blame for the wealth gap. And when something like, say, a global pandemic happens, we’re the first to have jobs cut and the last to re-enter the workforce. It's no wonder money is a source of anxiety and a barrier to equality for so many of us.

But what if money didn't mean restriction, and instead, choice? The ability to luxuriously travel, quit toxic jobs, donate to important organizations, retire early? The freedom to live the life you want, and change the world while you do it?


In Financial Feminist you will learn:

- Exercises to help you understand your current relationship with money, figure out what you want to change, and how to make that happen

- How to decide on your investment goal, and discover the three steps to meeting it

- Learn how to source the data you need to negotiate the money you deserve."




"Would wonderful beaches, great sunsets, wild friends, endless cocktails, and fabulous food be enough to keep this relationship together?

Annette Joseph’s years in Italy revealed this truth: Italy, in all its multifaceted, glorious history and culture has to be experienced in full. Over almost three decades, Italy has fed, entertained, confused, excited, lured, promised, lied, satisfied, occasionally disappointed, and utterly enchanted her. She’s left, but can't stay away—she’ll always return. Always. Just like a beloved partner...Italy Is My Boyfriend will take you through the journey of finding love, life, and a sense of home. While often times a lonely, challenging place, never once did the love for this special place waiver. See how one very determined lady finds her dream place in the Tuscan sun."

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