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Callings: What Would SBA Do? Leading the Fight for Women’s Rights with Deborah Hughes

"...hearing what inspired that child or inspired that family,

that's what keeps me going."

As President & CEO of the Susan B. Anthony Museum and House, Deborah Hughes has become a leading voice in the fight for gender equity and the empowerment of women to use their right to vote. 2020 was a milestone year for the museum and for Deborah herself. In this episode of Callings, Deborah shares the story of her path to taking on this role at this pivotal time in women’s history and discusses some of her incredible, unexpected experiences during one of the most turbulent years of our time.

Listen as these Deborah and Caroline talk via Zoom (due to COVID-19) about recent politics, Deborah's trip to President Donald Trump's Inauguration, her decision to reject the pardoning of Susan B Anthony, the infamous suffragist as a Barbie doll, and more!

Find out more about Deborah Hughes and the work of the Susan B. Anthony Museum and House on their website, twitter, youtube and instagram.

Song: Borough by Blue Dot Sessions


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