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The Struggle is Real for College Women Dating During the Pandemic

In each episode of our HERsay Today series, we invite a panel of women to discuss a topic uniquely impacting women today. This week - and in light of the month of love - we are talking about the toll the pandemic is taking on the process for college women looking for or trying to maintain a romantic relationship while staying safe and healthy. Whether you’re a college student, been one, related to one, friends with one, or just seen one on TV, we guarantee you will relate to and/or learn from what you hear from guests and experts looking to get college women through the pandemic feeling lucky in love.

In pre-pandemic times, college years have offered a unique free-trial-type period before the descent of society’s expectation of young people to become full-fledged, independent, no-more-excuses, responsible adults, to figure out how to function in the world of relationships without the watchful eyes and helicopter guidance of our families and other judgers. But during this year-long pandemic, students have been deprived of carefree, organic meetup opportunities between classes, in study groups, dorms, internships, and nightlife destinations. With no way to try out the meet-cute scenarios we’ve all seen on Netflix while in collective isolation and other time-honored dating techniques, how are college women meeting potential partners? And for those already in relationships, how are they keeping the excitement alive when long distances, roommates, family members, and other obstacles can inhibit the connectedness we need to feel secure and happy with someone? How has online dating evolved since last March, and what’s the best mindset to approach relationships during these uncertain times?

Caroline Dehn, a college junior at George Washington University, spoke with a group of college women in different stages of relationships to learn the landscape of the dating world for these women and to understand their greatest challenges in finding and keeping romantic relationships. Next, we asked advice from relationship experts Beth Sonnenberg, Julie Spira, and Damona Hoffman, who shared their ideas for solutions to help college women make the best of dating right now.

Listen to this episode with ears wide open and share it with someone you think needs to hear it. What do you think of the advice you’ve heard? How has dating life changed since YOU were a student? Do you think it’s easier or harder for students now (well, not now but pre - and hopefully post-pandemic)? If you’re a student, how does your dating life compare to the ones we share in the episode? Share your thoughts, questions, and anything else you like to tell us, and we may quote you in our monthly newsletter (sign up now!)

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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